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15-day post-IPL window leads to lot of problems

Vinod Rai (Credits should read Express photo by Vasant Prabhu)

Among various recommendations that seem to circulate in the Justice RM Lodha Committee’s circle, ’15-day post-IPL window’ topic was the subject of discussion. It is learned that the latest one has led to a lot of debate and concern. The Committee has spoken to more than 70 stakeholders that a certain procedure has to be implemented.

What is it?

The standard procedure means that there needs to be a 15-day interval between the international and domestic window before or after it. But, it seems that the latest discussed recommendation is not going down too well with the respective ‘stakeholders’.

Vinod Rai (Credits should read Express photo by Vasant Prabhu)

The stakeholders are either associated with Indian cricket by means of splashing in on the huge cash. It can also be India’s governing body Board of Control for Cricket in India’s own officials as well as the advertisers who invest cash for the welfare of India Cricket Broadcasting.

In a recent meeting of the Committee of Administrators (CoA) held on Thursday, the respective head Vinod Rai investigated the possibility of the 15-day compulsory window that has been recommended by the Justice RM Lodha Committee.

As per Page 42, Volume 1 of the latest proposed constitution under the section header IPL, “Cricket calendars also ought to keep this in mind, and the BCCI should ensure that at least 15 days gap should be provided between the IPL season and the national calendar. A testing and cramped cricketing year takes a substantial toll on a professional cricketer’s body and longevity, and it is the responsibility of the BCCI to take remedial measures immediately.”

Broadcasters may incur huge losses:

As recently discussed, the 15-day post-IPL window is subject to debate and problems and it seems that the broadcaster might incur losses in their revenues when the number of day matches in IPL goes counting in numbers. “It increases the number of day matches in IPL, which is a strict ‘no’ as far as the broadcasters are concerned. For the high value that broadcasters put in per match, a day game ends up cutting down revenues by close to 65%,” the top source close to the industry said.

“It is so harmful that it may have a serious effect on the bids. More the number of day matches, more the revenues take a hit. Whoever’s come up with this idea has clearly failed to understand the financial implications of it. You can’t be pursuing the dream of being a global sports property when you don’t have your basic mathematics in place,” added the industry executive.

Written by Chaithanya G

A die-hard Arsenal fan and a foodie who likes to deliver some crunch in scripting articles on Cricket.

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