5-year-old Rudra Pratap the new sensation!

Picture Source: DD Sports

What were you doing when you were 5 years old? Most of us were in kindergarten either reciting “Johnny Johnny yes Papa!” or scribbling ABC or learning words like bat,cat, rat. For us, it was a great achievement if we get a chocolate from teacher or parents on getting 10/10 in a dictation test.

Picture Source: DD Sports
Picture Source: DD Sports

Today a 5-year-old boy named Rudra Pratap Singh made his debut playing for a U-14 Delhi team. Rudra came out to bat with a big chest guard and barely covered the stumps with his height. However, the grit and determination sent a clear message. He came out to bat like an international cricketer, doing some warm ups on his way to the crease.

The confidence he showed while marking his guard clearly showed he was there to compete against the big boys. The first ball he faced was a gentle loosener down the leg side. Rudra managed to get bat on that and flick the ball down to fine leg. The wristwork in that shot reminded of VVS Laxman.

Throughout the course of his innings, he middled almost every delivery that he played and showed resolute defence. Unfortunately for him, he found fielders on a couple of occasions when he timed the ball well. Because of his short height, his reach wasn’t long, that’s why opposition bowlers made it a ploy to bowl wide of off stump.

A little tap down to the point and the young man got off the mark. That was the only run he scored but this brief innings had a lot to say.! Maybe India has found a star that will dominate cricket in years to come!

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