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Aggression gets the best of Virat Kohli: Ajinkya Rahane

Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane. (Photo Source: Deccan Chronicle via AFP)

It is a known fact that Aggression is a pivotal ingredient of Virat Kohli’s personality. The Indian captain likes to take the bull by its horns and he is not someone who likes to back out of a fight. The Indian Test deputy Ajinkya Rahane revealed that the team doesn’t want to alter Virat’s aggressive nature as the same gets the best out of him.

It is noted that Virat Kohli likes to get under the skin of the opponent and he likes to be in the fight. The Indian skipper likes to give his 120% on the field and he expects the same from his teammates. Kohli likes to lead from the front and there are no double thoughts in his mind if once he has decided to work on something.

Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane. (Photo Source: Deccan Chronicle via AFP)

Kohli always likes to take bulls by its horns.

Virat Kohli likes to put his weights behind his players and there is no backing away at any stage. Kohli always likes to play the game in a hard way and there is no denying the fact that aggression acts as a catalyst for him.

“Firstly I think what I feel about Virat is aggression actually gets best out of him. We don’t want to change anything about his aggression and approach while batting or while we are fielding,” Rahane said while speaking in India Today Conclave 2018 when asked whether Kohli needs to control his emotions better.

It is also noted that Virat Kohli can be over aggressive at times and he needs to tone down a bit as the leader of the side as he has to find a way by which he can get the best out of his players.

Rahane also shared his opinion on the way the South African team play their game. The ongoing series between the Proteas and Australia has been sparred with a lot of controversies but Rahane said that the South African team likes to play it fair.

“When we were playing in South Africa, I think they were really quiet. There was no sledging going on. They came hard at us with their bowling plans but there were no words exchanged between any of us,” Rahane added.

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