Cricket South Africa keen to host IPL next year

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Cricket South Africa (CSA) chief Thabang Moroe has disclosed that the South African board will grab the opportunity to host the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL) if the event comes to South Africa next year. Due to the general elections in India next year, whose dates are expected to clash with the T20 league, it is highly likely that the BCCI will have to move the tournament out of the country.

In 2009, South Africa hosted the second edition of the IPL, all due to the same circumstances of the general elections. In 2014 as well, the initial phase of the tournament was shifted to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). BCCI has already made it clear they will move the 2019 edition of the tournament to either UAE or South Africa, all due to the general elections.

Cricket South Africa is keen to host IPL 2019. (image source: via IPL)

The answer would be “Yes”, says CSA chief

As per reports in, Cricket South Africa chief Thabang Moroe says if BCCI approaches them with the proposal of the IPL hosting, the easy answer would be a Yes. “If they were to propose to move it to South Africa‚ the easy answer to give now is yes. We would be interested in hosting the IPL. There are various issues that are involved because we need to look at how much money would be given to South Africa. There are issues of wear and tear as far as our wickets are concerned‚ and our competitions because we are going to host the U19 World Cup in the next two years”, says Moroe after signing the MoU with South African Cricketers’ Association (Saca) chief executive Tony Irish.

Although none has been disclosed by the BCCI, Thabang Moroe says it is likely that the prestigious tournament will be moved out of India. “It remains speculation for now until such time that the government of India announces the date for elections. But‚ there is an appetite from them to move it to either South Africa or Dubai”, further adds Cricket South Africa chief.

The IPL is a mega sporting event and hosting rights will surely provide benefit to the hosting nation. Be it South Africa or UAE, the mega T20 event will be beneficial for any country which will be chosen by the BCCI for IPL 2019.