Rashid Khan reveals the names of bowlers he observes for his bowling

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Afghanistan’s spinner Rashid Khan is certainly one of the most talked about cricketers of the recent times. The right-handed bowler has extended his great form of IPL to the ongoing series between Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Rashid Khan took 3 wickets in the first T20I against Bangladesh which took Afghanistan to victory by 45 runs.

Rashid Khan is 100 days away from his 20th birthday, still, the level of maturity he has on the field is highly appreciable. In the age when a lot of players still only learn the game, Rashid Khan has already set the mark. Rashid Khan says the all that he has learnt is only from observing two bowlers.

Rashid Khan says he still watches Anil Kumble to learn the bowling. (image source: Twitter)

Rashid Khan reveals the players he has observed

Speaking with Times of India, Rashid Khan reveals that all that all the bowling that he learnt was only by watching Shahid Afridi and Anil Kumble.  “Nobody taught me bowling leg-spin and wrong ones. I haven’t watched and followed anyone in particular. I just observed Shahid Afridi and Anil Kumble. I don’t remember the exact period but maybe it was five-six years ago. I still watch Kumble when I am free”, says Rashid Khan.

Rashid Khan further explains why he calls himself as the finger spinner. “That sounds unusual but that’s how I bowl. I don’t use my wrist a lot in my bowling. I use my fingers as I deliver using the tip of my fingers. That helps me to bowl quicker. I am a legspinner who bowls good wrong ones”, adds Rashid Khan.

The credit to the recent success of Afghanistan cricket goes very much to the Rashid Khan. While playing in different leagues around the world like IPL and BBL, not only he gained a lot of experience, he also gets better with his skills while playing with different teams in different conditions.