6 Indian Cricketers who tied Wedding Knot to Bollywood Actress

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It would be a boring statement to read if I say that Cricket and Bollywood are considered as the religions in the Indian Country as we often come across those. But, the relationships between both fraternities are always the hottest topic in the Indian youth as they love to see their favourite actors or cricketers getting married to their loved ones who are also the crowd favourite.

With the latest Virat Kohli’s marriage to Bollywood Diva, Anushka Sharma, we have got 6 Cricket-Bollywood combination marriages which we have brought to you in this piece.

Here are they:

6. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi – Sharmila Tagore

Picture Source – Bollywood

One of the legendary players whom India ever had, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi’s marriage to Bollywood’s cutest actress Sharmila was a revelation during those times. As both are high profile personalities, the talks of their marriage touched the sky. The marriage was also an inter-caste one as Sharmila is a Hindu while Ali Khan is a Muslim. However, they successfully married by evading all the bashing from both the families and religious people. They married on 27th December 1969.

5. Mohammad Azharuddin – Sangeeta Bijlani

Picture Source – India.com

Azharuddin had a controversial career in Cricket and his married life too took various turns. He met the Bollywood Actress, Sangeeta in 1996 and both fell in love with each other. Azhar divorced his first wife in order to marry Sangeeta. However, in 2010, both are separated after spending 14 years together. They married on 14th November 1996.

4. Harbhajan Singh – Geeta Basra

Picture Source – Bollywood film

The Indian off-spinner Harbhajan Singh was a close friend of Geeta Basra earlier which later developed into Love. Their love story has few hiccups but later they ended up giving wedding card to their mutual friends. They are blessed with a cutie pie named Hinaya Heer and are leading a blissful life. They married on July 27th, 2016.