Analysing the videos is the biggest mistake: Kuldeep Yadav

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Off late, the Kuldeep Yadav has been the household name of many journalists to use him as their headliner. He has grown strength to strength and became the X-factor of India to give the fruitful results to his team. The latest victim of his mystery bowling is England Cricket Team and they are still trying to figure him out in order to level the series on Saturday.

It is learnt that the England team are analysing the videos of Kuldeep Yadav closely in order to decode him. It is not the latest scenario as many other teams in the recent past tried to decode by reading his hand through videos. Meanwhile, speaking on the same, Kuldeep Yadav feels that analysing him through videos is the biggest mistake committing by them.

Kuldeep Yadav
Kuldeep Yadav (image source: via AFP)

Bowling machines and videos won’t help: Kuldeep

Kuldeep also added that no machine would help the batsman in picking him or any other bowler as they won’t have the option of picking the ball from the hand. He strongly feels that the batsman should read the bowler from the hand which helps the batsman to overcome it smoothly. He added that any batsman in the world would find it difficult if the bowler pitches it on good

“I don’t believe in a bowling machine. If the ball is turning, and especially here in England, they are not able to comprehend it. In the bowling machine, you cannot see the hand or wrist or arm during delivery and the ball only turns. So, if you are not picking the ball (from the hand), then there is a huge problem,” Kuldeep Yadav quoted during the press conference.

“If you’re analysing someone with videos, I believe that’s the biggest mistake. If you’re doing quality bowling, if you’re keeping it on a spot and if you’re bowling on a length and getting it to turn, then it is difficult for anyone. Irrespective of how much video you watch. Yes, if you watch a video, you get an idea what type of ball the bowler is bowling. But if you’re getting help from the wicket, then it is difficult,” he added to his lines.

However, with his clever variations, ability to spin the ball on any surface and subtle adjustments in trajectory, the chinaman bowler seems to have put fear into the hearts of England batsmen. Though India have shown they are a force even without Kuldeep, the left-arm wrist spinner has added a different dimension to the bowling attack.