Is there any mystery behind Pollard’s talk with Manoj Tiwary?

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After the nail-biting 1 run victory in the IPL 2017 final between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant, fans of the losing side were shell-shocked after watching their side surrendering the match by just 1 run, which at one stage looked like an easy peasy chase for Pune Supergiant.

Manoj Tiwary played a key role in bringing a difference between win and loss for the Rising Pune as he gave away a simple chance of winning it for the team when the equation read 7 runs off 5 balls after hitting the boundary when it actually needed 11 off 6 deliveries initially.

Pollard talks Manoj Tiwary, RPS
Kieron Pollard (Picture Source – Cricket Country/BCCI)

During the fag-end of the match when Rising Pune needed 30 runs off 18 balls, Pollard had a deep chat session with Mumbai players regarding the bowling options to defend the tally. Kieron after the end of the chat was seen in having a word with Manoj Tiwary intentionally by acting as knotting his shoelace even though the shoelace is already tied.

A video depicted that Kieron Pollard had shown his funnier side to Manoj Tiwary who was busy in assessing the situation to take his side home. However, Tiwary did everything right but went for the big shot towards long-on even though the chase is pretty much under control with 7 runs needed off 5 balls.

It looks like Manoj Tiwary took the word from Pollard seriously as he went for the shot towards the long-on where Pollard is guarding the fence. Manoj eventually mistimed the shot where Pollard took the simplest of catches at long-on which played a crucial role in clinching the title eventually.

Pollard goes and talks to Manoj Tiwary. He acted as if his Shoelaces were not fixed but were already done. After saying something he moved on and the drama followed. So what’s the mystery behind this?

Here is the Video: