MS Dhoni reveals success mantras for his fitness and excelling under pressure

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After a long time, we witnessed MS Dhoni in the yellow jersey and it is a visual treat for his fans as well as CSK fans. After the conclusion of the 2-year ban, MS Dhoni and Co appeared at the TNPL second season ceremony which was filled with a sea of yellow jerseys. During his time at TNPL, he shared all his success formulas and his experiences with fans after wielding his willow to smack three massive sixes.

MS Dhoni believes that the right intake of food is the most important thing in maintaining fitness and as an athlete, he further stated that you should not tempt for the food which your siblings are eating in front of you. He further quoted that right kind of diet during fitness regime indeed help a person get strong in mental aspect as well.

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The fittest MSD’s fitness mantra:

“Fitness is a major part of any sport today whether it is skill-oriented or endurance-oriented. If you have right kind of food and supplement it with training, you can get much more out of yourself, both in physical and mental aspects,” MS Dhoni said.

”Enjoying life is important, but as an athlete, you need to know what things you can’t do that your brother or sister can (In laughs). These days, players get educated about what they need to do. Most of the players learn from the seniors and there will be physios to assist you,” Dhoni added as per Deccan Chronicle.

The captain Cool’s suggestion on tackling pressure:

MS Dhoni insists that a person shouldn’t worry about the result. One should concentrate on the process or procedure of a thing while the result will follow. He further shared his knowledge from the game and explained how he dealt with the pressure while captaining India.

”To keep it simple, it is important not to think about the result and does not think what if we lose the game. We shouldn’t think too much ahead of time and just concentrate on the process. If you are defending a score, think about which bowler can be used and what will be the field placements. When you are constantly thinking of all these things, you don’t think about the results,” Dhoni said.

”So there is less pressure and you are trying to make sure that the process is more important. You are looking at how you can alter the course of the game and that in turn will help me get the desired results,” he added.

”That is how I keep myself calm under pressure and practice is something that gives you the confidence as to what needs to be done under pressure. You may not win ten out of ten games, but when you practise the right way and you have been in these types of situations for a period of time, you know how to get out of it,” he concluded.