Sourav Ganguly names the MVP of Team India after Virat Kohli

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The stunning piece of bowling display and the fantastic effort from the Rohit Sharma guided India draw the first blood of the series. It has been a sensation bowling performance from Kuldeep Yadav in the first innings of the game which was beautifully helped by the stunning century from the Rohit Sharma’s willow. All in all, India sealed a comfortable victory at Nottingham.

Meanwhile, Sourav Ganguly reveals few interesting points of the series and reveals the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of Team India after Virat Kohli in ODI cricket. Yes, you guessed it right, it is the vice-captain of the team, Rohit Sharma who was termed as the most valuable player of the team by Sourav Ganguly, He rated Kohli as number 1 and Rohit as number 2 as far as Indian team is concerned.

Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma (image source: via Akhilesh Kumar)

“Class batting by Rohit. It was the only time that would tell a different tale and Rohit has come out with some amazing innings. The timing of the shots, the sixes and when players like him stick on, they’ll go all the way. The difference between the two sides have been the top order batsmen,” Ganguly told IndiaTV.

”In the limited-overs format, after Virat Kohli, the most valuable player has been Rohit. And I still believe that there’s enough time for Rohit to make a major impact in Test cricket. There’s a saying, ‘One afternoon makes somebody a hero’. One innings is all it takes,” he added to his lines while expressing a view on the recently-concluded game at Nottingham.

Virat Kohli will make the difference: Ganguly

Whenever the tour to England makes a way, the first and foremost thing people look into is the stats of their best batsman, Virat Kohli. He doesn’t have a great record in English conditions but Ganguly reckons that Virat Kohli will make an impact this time as he has been a whole new brand compared to the Virat Kohli who toured England 4 years back.

People keep stating that Virat hasn’t yet conquered England. There’s a huge difference between him in the four years. He will make a century and leave. If you don’t get Dhawan, Rohit and Virat out early, you’re in deep trouble. They’re the backbone of the team and are absolute powerhouses,” Ganguly said.

Coming to the tour, India already acquired T20I series under Kohli’s captaincy and drawn the first blood in the ODI series as well. Now, both the teams travelled to Lords Cricket Ground in order to fight in England’s must-win clash.