MS Dhoni sleeping amidst crowd outrage in Sri Lanka

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One of the embarrassing scenes took place at Pallekelle during the match between India and Sri Lanka on Sunday. The frustrated fans threw the bottles on the ground to show their outrage on the players for the continuous drubbing of hopes. Amidst of all the awkward scenes, the calm customer in the planet took a quick nap at the centre of the field.

The quick nap of MS Dhoni on the field instantly brought the smiles on the faces of the crowd including the commentators in the panel. Earlier, MS Dhoni once again stood firm to build the partnership with Rohit Sharma after the wobble in the top-order batting.

MS Dhoni sleeping, Pallekele
MS Dhoni sleeping on the field (Picture Source – Twitter)

It was initially thought that the game was awarded to India as the crowd outrage was unstoppable but after calming down the nerves of the fans, umpires restarted the game and the rest has been done formally as MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma completed the task flawlessly.

MS Dhoni finished unbeaten as he knocked 67 runs from 86 balls while the star of the match, Rohit Sharma annihilated Lankans by knocking an unbeaten 124 runs off 145 balls.

The charming moment of MS Dhoni caught all the eyeballs of the fans who instantly took the pictures of him sleeping on the field. Here is the adorable video of MS Dhoni taking a quick nap during the crowd outrage.