Whenever someone says “Yuvraj Singh” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? 6 sixes? World Cup 2011? Yuvi the fighter? Apart from the sixes he has hit, the matches that he has won, Yuvi has left an impact that will inspire the lives of generations to come which his ODI or T20 statistics never paint a picture of!!

Yuvraj was never great test batsman, well let’s be honest!! But he always had the aggression, audacity in himself that made him stand out among other greats of.his era that was tailor made for abbreviated versions of the game. The tall six feet figure, the curly hair, No.12 on his back, the hero honda stickered willow!! But inside, the burn in his eyes,the will to dominate never say die attitude!! The name ‘Yuvraj’ which means prince itself suggested he was here to do nothing but dominate.

He had a strong liking for hunting down Kangaroos which is evident from many of his blitzkrieg innings against Aussies throughout his career. Australia ruled ODI cricket in early and mid 2000s but found Yuvraj too hot to handle!

When he was diagnosed with cancer people thought his career was over. But Naah! Yuvi had other plans!! Within 7 months he recovered and made a comeback in India colours thereby redefining word “Will power”.

27 March 2016.. The virtual quarter final of T20WC 2016. In a crunch situation, Yuvi did some damage to his ankle. He was writhing and moaning in pain. He could’ve easily left the field but that would’ve meant a new batsman taking some time to get set. But he continued to battle throughout the pain. That was the last time he was seen in India colours.

With the increasing competition in the Indian team and age not on his side, he may or may not play for india again. Whenever he calls it day he will be remembered for his swagger, his dexterity to hit sixes at will, giving the message that nothing is unattainable if you believe and of course his all round contribution in India winning the 2011 world cup!!!