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IPL Humour 2017: Indian Umpires banned from IPL

Photo Credits: Deccan Chronicle via BCCI

We have all witnessed some high quality umpiring in this year’s IPL, especially from Indian umpires who are making more headlines than the players.

Edges are not been picked, a glance towards square-leg umpire to finalise the decisions, even if the batsmen has crossed a mile after the crease, the umpires are required to go upstairs well, just to be mighty sure.

Umpires, IPL
Photo Credits: Deccan Chronicle via BCCI

Well, we live in the world of technology and the umpires are making some blunders in this IPL. So why only Indian domestic umpires are the front runners in this decision making, it goes to show the level of poor umpiring in India.

Ask yourself, tell one name of good Indian umpire, the only name that will come to your mind will be S Venkataraghavan but apart from him, India has never been able to produce quality umpires.

It is like players are appealing for everything thinking that you never know with these umpires. So they are following the mantra, ”Raise your voice and the umpire will raise his finger”, or sometimes it’s just the opposite you can appeal all day for a correct decision and the umpires will not move an inch.

It seems that these umpires have forgotten their eyes and ears at some place and they don’t think that it’s important to have any to give the decisions. We have seen this high class umpiring in this IPL and you can expect the stuff to carry on throughout the tournament, so don’t go anywhere there is more fun to come your way and the umpires are giving some serious competition to players in that field.

With the umpiring level touching sky-high, the BCCI should come up with some honours to appreciate them. According to the reports from Paagal Planet, Umpire C.K Nandan was more frustrated after making no mistakes on the field. Watch: Third rate Umpiring leaves Rohit Sharma livid.

Some reports even claim that C.K Nandan was trained for baseball umpiring but accidentally he landed himself in cricket. Let’s hope that C.K Nandan gets the man of the tournament.

(Disclaimer: This is a humour post and it’s strictly for entertainment purpose only and this is not made to hurt the feelings of others)

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