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MS Dhoni gives a candid message on Children’s day

Shivangini Chaudhary interviews Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Credits: The Print)

MS Dhoni is not a fan of giving interviews as he stays away from the distraction that is so-called negative vibes. He does what he feels is good and always seeks for motivation. On behalf of Children’s day, MS Dhoni gave a candid interview to ThePrinta young journalist Shivangini Chaudhary marked her presence to chat with MS Dhoni.

As usual, MS Dhoni was super cool and spoke about his life, about the sport i.e. cricket, fatherhood and also explained how to counter bullying. MS Dhoni has a great fan following the wide range of the cricket following countries. He is the favourite of many. He is the inspiration to countless people. He is the superman, he is the connoisseur who helped India to three ICC accolades.

Shivangini Chaudhary interviews Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Credits: The Print)

About Childhood:

MS Dhoni’s special message on this special day had a lot more meanings that every child that reads his golden words would get the better of themselves. According to MS Dhoni, childhood is one of the best stages which is important where children get to learn a lot of things and pick up lessons on the go.

“Irrespective of the age of the child, I think that childhood is something very important. That is the time which is essentially the foundation stone of life. What you learn in childhood is what you will take with you going forward in life,” Dhoni added.

Dhoni urged the children to be naughty as hell, enjoy to the core because those days will never ever come back. “You do not have to be boring in life, you have to be naughty, you have to be mischievous, but at the end of the day, you know the boundaries and you are always supposed to be within the boundaries,” he added.

Children have an important role to play to know their clarity on their future. The process is clear. Dhoni urged the kids to play well, study well and respect everyone. Such a golden piece of advice did MS Dhoni gave to the children on a special day that is one to remember.

“So, I would say, enjoy everything in life. Play hard, study hard, listen to your parents, give love and respect to the elders and the ones younger to you, and have a lot of fun. A lot of people crib about the tough times that they go through, but that is what makes life interesting,” Dhoni said.

“If everything was smooth in life, you wouldn’t really enjoy it. It is the ups and the downs that happen because of which your emotions also go up and down, and that is what makes life more interesting. So, enjoy each and every moment

Studies are very important but sports are as important as studies and that is one thing I have always told all the young people that I meet. Being fit is something that has to be there through your life. Even if you are very intelligent and very good in studies, if you are not fit enough, how will you enjoy your life?

Everybody does not have to be a top athlete, but a normal level of fitness needs to be there. You are supposed to play some kind of an outdoor sport and spend less time on mobile phones and iPads, and use that time to play some kind of a sport – badminton, football, hockey. Be nice to everyone,” Dhoni said.

On being asked about, what would he do if someone would hit him, he replied, ” To start off, I would not like to be in a situation where there is fist-fight or a verbal fight going on. If, for some reason, something like that happens and someone hits me, the first thing would be to ask the person to stop doing it, because everything can be resolved by sitting across the table and talking. If he does not stop, then there are different views on how a situation should be handled. So, I would ask him to stop, if he doesn’t stop, I would like to keep a bit of distance from him, but if he is still piling on to me, I would definitely like to defend myself. I would stand up to it, I would not just take everything just because he looks slightly older or bigger.”

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Written by Chaithanya G

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