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Nathan Lyon’s ex-wife Mel Waring writes about her broken relationship

Mel Waring writes about her separation with Nathan Lyon and struggle she has been through. (image source: news.com.au via News corp Australia)

Australian spinner Nathan Lyon separated from his wife Mel Waring in December 2017, after cricketer’s affair with Perth-based real estate agent Emma McCarthy came to light. MEL Waring, the heartbroken partner of Test cricketer Nathan Lyon, writes the blog about the bitter fallout of their broken relationship.

Mel Waring has two girls (aged 3 and 4) with the offspinner and found herself in the spotlight late last year in December when it was revealed the off-spinner had left her. Photos of Lyon and McCarthy kissing in a car before the start of the third Ashes Test in Perth surfaced and thus ended the long-term relationship of Mel and Lyon and left Waring “devastated”.

Mel Waring writes about her separation with Nathan Lyon and struggles she has been through post-separation. (image source: news.com.au via News corp Australia)

I have been brave but today I feel weak and alone, writes Mel Waring

In the latest blog on life of Lyons titled “ALONE”, Mel reveals about how his separation with Lyon has hit her. “I wasn’t sure what being really alone would feel like, being shut out from him. Since saying goodbye it hadn’t really hit me. We have lived a life where he has constantly travelled, cricket was life and touring was a given. Daddy’s at cricket, it’s easy to forget. Today has been different, I have been strong, I have been brave but today I feel weak, I feel small and I feel alone”, writes Mel Waring.

I work hard to do what is necessary for my children, further writes Mel

Writing further on the blog, Mel describes how people that were once her friends are no longer her friends. “I’m constantly reminded that the team of people who were once there for us both are no longer my friends but my enemy. The words trust no one, have become true and I’m reminded that while he has a team of people around him, protecting him, making life for him easy, I do not”, further writes Waring.

She went on saying that she is a proud mother. “I feel proud of the mother I am, I work hard to do whatever is necessary to care for and protect my children. They will always be my first and only priority. My words and my actions are the same, no amount of advice or people will tell me how to go about this. We wanted to do it our way, what worked for us and our children yet I’m the only one remembering that”, quotes ex-wife of Nathan Lyon.

Mel Waring reveals how her world changed overnight when the affair of Nathan Lyon and Emma McCarthy came to her knowledge. She said how that incident suddenly made her a “Single Mom” and her world was rocked and changed forever.

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