This is the universal truth that every start has an end. Needless to say, this applies to ex-skipper MS Dhoni’s captaincy. However, his decision raises questions for he announced it all of a sudden. Fans are floating on the water of curiosity as to what led him to step down from the captaincy of the two formats? What are the factors which acted behind his announcement?

Picture Source: International Cricket Council


Dhoni is now 35-year-old. He had indicated many a time that he is not as electric as he used to be, though he is still fit enough to play cricket. One of the major reasons would be that at this age, he wants to focus only on his batting and wicket keeping by handing over the leadership to Kohli who is already leading the side in Test format.

Recent performance:

The media started asking Dhoni about his retirement ever since his side was defeated by Australia in the ODI World Cup of 2015. During the same time, India went through some ups and downs. On another visit to Australia, India lost an ODI series 1-4, though they registered a clean sweep in T20 series.

Furthermore, in a domestic series against New Zealand, MS Dhoni, as the captain of India, apparently did not perform the way he wanted at home. Nevertheless, India won the series 3-2. This seems to have psychologically pushed him to transfer the responsibility of captaincy to Virat Kohli.

Some of the cricket experts have arrived at a conclusion that he would be tired of the captaincy after leading the side for about a decade, therefore he stepped down.

He came , he lead , he conquered and then he silently left , ever seen such a selfless cricketer? Yes, MS Dhoni does the unexpected things only . No body expected this , Virat Kohli got a new year gift in the terms of Captaincy , same kind of gift he got in the starting of 2015.