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Ten reasons why Kohli should not be compared to Sachin Tendulkar

The Indian team: The Indian team during Sachin’s period was not as strong as the current Indian team and it always had issues playing outside India. Playing against the stronger opponents, the team was always dependent on the Master Blaster.

Those were the days when people used to watch the matches only for seeing Sachin bat. While the team Kohli is playing is a better team when compared to Sachin’s team during his early stages. Both of them have won matches highhandedly but the Indian team was highly dependent on the master blaster in the 2000’s and the late 90’s.

Sachin used to play for a team which was shockingly poor when travelling abroad and was always over-reliant on his genius. Virat Kohli, on the other hand, has a much much better Indian side, seniors, mentors and coaches around him for any assistance.

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Batting Power-plays: Sachin Tendulkar played most of his career without the power-plays favoring the batsmen. Even without such field restrictions, Sachin was unstoppable. He used to smack the bowlers consistently and score runs at a very good rate.

With time, his way of playing changed and if the same power-plays were there during the early stages of his career, it would have been even more difficult for the bowlers to face Sachin.

Written by Akhil Sampatirao

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