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Tendulkar wants more power in third umpire’s hands

Sachin all set to make his debut in the big screen. Picture Courtesy: www.wordlypost.in

World cricketing legend, little master from India, Sachin Tendulkar has raised his opinion about the ongoing debate of Decision Review System (DRS) between international cricket council and Board of Control for Cricket in India. He wants the third umpire to be given more authority on calling the suspicious decisions.

Picture Source: AFP
Picture Source: AFP

“All three umpires should work together as a team and if the third umpire spots something, he should be in a position to tell the on-field umpire, ‘I feel this is not out’ or vice versa, you can overturn that decision. It’s all about getting correct decisions, so you must go all the way to get it right,” Tendulkar quoted in the mid day paper.

The issue was raised after Indian cricket team batsman Cheteshwar Pujara was given out in the first test between India and England when he was not out but he didn’t take the DRS because his partner at the other end was ensured that Pujara was out. But replay suggested otherwise.

“In spite of Pujara being not out and DRS being there, he still ended up losing his wicket. Should the third umpire have the authority to intervene and correct the decision? I feel, yes. See, the batsman at the other end is thinking about his own batting. He is planning how he is going to tackle the bowler. That period becomes a breather for the player. He takes some time off and thinks about what he wants to do and in that fraction of a second, he can miss something,” Tendulkar added.

Picture Source: pulse-static-files.s3.amazonaws.com
Picture Source: pulse-static-files.s3.amazonaws.com

That is why Tendulkar feels that third umpire must intersect each and every decision and watch the replay on the screen and then take the final decision whether the batsman is out or not. If you are trying to use technology then use it to fullest. These are some concerns over the DRS and that’s why BCCI are still not sure about the accuracy of this system.

There are different technologies being used in different parts of the world like somewhere they are using snicko meter to detect the impact of the ball and somewhere else they are using the hotspot to detect edges. If this system is to be applied all over the world, then it must be standardised with certain rules. These rules should be used worldwide in the same manner.

Written by Chinmay Jathar

A die hard Cricket fan. Cricket is my passion, it runs through my veins.

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