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The Cost and Speculations of Virat Kohli’s bat revealed

Virat Kohli (Picture Source - Hindustan Times/SPORTZPICS)

How many times have you wondered when a forward defence or flick of Virat Kohli races away for the boundary? Few will highlight the timing of Virat Kohli while few will bank on the stroke of Virat Kohli’s Willow. There is always a sense of interesting nerves in the fans to know the specifications, costs and dimensions of their Cricketing idol’s Willow. Here it is.

Virat Kohli, the most chorused name in the recent cricket history. He has been a sensation from the years and on verge of breaking a lot of records in the years to come. Every single thing about him is being a sensation right from the water he drinks to the latest speculations of his bat.

Virat Kohli bat cost, India
Virat Kohli (Picture Source – Hindustan Times/SPORTZPICS)

As per the reports from Cricwizz, it is learned that the range of cost for the Virat Kohli’s willow is between 17,000 to 23,000 with unique specifications. He always uses Selected English Willow’s of Grade A with an MRF logo on it which fetches him whopping 8 crores.

Virat Kohli overtook MS Dhoni’s 6 crore deal to 8 crore deal with MRF company. Virat Kohli uses a bat which contains 8-12 grains (lines) which show how quality the stroke from the willow is. His bat handle will be nine-piece cane handle including shock absorption.

The weight of the willow will fall between 1100 to 1230 grams while the edge will be Curve-bladed, thickness ranging from 38 to 42 mm. The edges and dimensions of Virat Kohli’s bat will fall under the latest rules, hence, there will be no need for Virat to change any dimensions.

So, the 17,000-23,000 rupee willow of Virat Kohli fetches huge amount in the auctions such is the impact he created with the willow. Virat signed a deal of 8 crores to sticker MRF on it while Shikhar Dhawan gets 3 crores for using the same, Willow. Rohit and Raina signed a deal with CEAT for 3 crores while Yuvraj earns 4 crores for Puma and MS Dhoni 6 crores for Spartan.

Here are the clear insights of Virat Kohli’s Willow:

Cost – 17,000 to 23,000 In Net Rupees.

Weight – 1100 to 1230 Grams.

Willow – Selected English Willow Grade – A

Grains – 8 – 12 (Anything above 7 is considered as high-quality)

Handle РNine-piece cane Handle including Shock Absorption

Edge – It is a Curve-bladed with thick edges ranging from 38 to 42 mm

Written by Prashi Relangi

Cricket is my passion and scripting articles on it is my profession. I just love what I do.

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