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“There’s nothing you gotta prove”- an open Letter to MS Dhoni

Photo Credits: Cricket Country via AFP

Dear Mahendra Singh Dhoni,

There’s nothing you gotta prove to anyone in this world. Time and again we’ve seen those monstrous sixes coming out of your bat to rescue the team from a diabolical situation and it’s pretty much palpable that you’ve still got a lot to offer.

No matter how much you batter these nonsensical critics without uttering a single word, nothing has changed. No matter how benevolently you ignore the idiots who throw light only on your bad performances, nothing has changed. It’s quite evident with the events happening around that nothing’s gonna change till you hang your boots.

MS Dhoni, IPL 2017
MS Dhoni in nets session. (Photo Credits: BCCI)

On the flip side, there are millions (rather billions) who crave for your success. These are the people who desperately switch on their television sets to watch you bludgeon the bowlers to all parts, to take the onus upon yourself, take your side over the line and of course, to see you hit the winning runs.

“The Methodical Way” is something you are oblivious to (it seems so) and you’re way of thinking got us out of jail on so many occasions. Yes, I accept you’ve been on the losing side quite a few times but that’s all part and parcel of the game.

Game of cricket has seen so many legendary leaders over the years. From the immortals of the previous century like Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Garfield Sobers, Alan Border, Clive Lloyd, Kapil Dev, Imran Khan, Arjuna Ranatunga, Steve Waugh and absolute superstars of this generation like Ricky Ponting, Sourav Ganguly, Graeme Smith, Stephen Fleming and many more left an everlasting legacy behind and you as a leader, on any day deserve to stay in the same bracket alongside these legendary names.

Many might even argue MS Dhoni is the greatest ever captain the game has seen and many of their arguments might even seem quite right. To have taken some really harsh steps like bringing in youngsters into the side and dropping some senior players who have been failing to contribute with their fielding is definitely one of them.

Picture Source: Cricket Australia

In a country like India, you really must be a gutsy man to take such kind of a call but in the long run, that decision taken by MS Dhoni has proven its mettle over the years and now we have Ravindra Jadeja, Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ajinkya Rahane and of course, India’s greatest fielder of all time Suresh Raina guarding the boundaries putting their lives on the line.

Greats of the game hail the current Indian side as an absolutely brilliant fielding side, all thanks to a step you’ve taken, which didn’t go well with Indian fans for some time but proved to be a masterstroke in shaping a new side.

Scepticism surrounding the success of T20 cricket vanished with India lifting the inaugural World T20 in 2007 and goodness gracious, that was something which people will remember for a long time to come. We Indian cricket lovers really doubt if that side had the potential to go all the way, but you believed in them and made us believe in you.

There were some shambolic times when the side stuttered and fumbled when they shouldn’t have. Yet, you kept the team together and till this date, we watch that over bowled by Joginder Sharma with a euphoria hard to express in words.

Sourav Ganguly made us believe that we Indians can go and win Tests overseas, which really seemed an impossible nut to crack previously. For that, he will always have a special place in every Indian heart. MS Dhoni on the other side, made us believe that India can reign supreme in ICC events, where our side was seriously struggling for a long time.

2011 it was (you know what’s coming), the year which ended a wait that lasted over 28 years. So magical was the moment, that even the strongest of hearts couldn’t prevent their tears rolling down. From the moment Ravi Shastri went bonkers saying “Dhoni finishes off in style, A magnificent strike into the crowd”, it seemed as though time paused to witness the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar lift the world cup.

Though many remember only the 91 runs you’ve scored in the final and you’re partnership with Gautam Gambhir that took us over the line, it’d not be unfair to say you were at the heart of things almost every moment throughout the campaign.

Coming out to bat at number 5 ahead of Yuvraj Singh was a debatable call, but just the way you’ve done so many times in your career prior to that moment, you proved you were right.

Talking of such incidents where people had an opinion and you said otherwise and ended up on the winning side would eat up an entire day I presume. Everyone remembers almost all those occasions when you’ve won India so many accolades, few just act as though they don’t.

It hardly matters if you’re not amongst the runs for a few games. It hardly has an impact on your credentials or the fans(or devotees) you’ve earned throughout your career. What you did for Indian cricket can never be put into words but one thing’s certain skipper, “There’s nothing you gotta prove to anyone”.

From an ardent supporter of MS Dhoni.

Written by Anuraag Peesara

Your passion is what drives you from within. My passion is cricket and expressing my views on the gentlemen's game gives me immense pleasure. Other than cricket, i'm an ardent supporter of Manchester United and Borussia Dortmund.

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