Cricket is a bat-ball game between two teams where both teams fight till the end to get the desirable result. Every team comes up with a plan to outsmart the opponent and above all, it’s just an experience. When you don’t learn from the mistakes that you had committed, then there is no change for the better.

It’s quite obvious that every cricket team has played more matches than the other. Let’s take a look at the cricket teams that played most One-Day Internationals (ODI) in cricket history.

Last Updated: 27th January 2017

#10. Bangladesh – 321 ODIs

Picture Credits: AFP
Picture Credits: AFP

If there is one team that has shown plenty of zest in winning the matches in recent times, Bangladesh hits the charts undoubtedly.

Bangladesh were once called “Asian Minnows” due to their second-rate performances back then but a drastic transition from team’s vision and a massive improvement from the players in the recent times took the team to a whole new zone.