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Virat Kohli gifts Indian jersey to journalist for covering 100th Test

Virat Kohli (Photo Source: Hindustan Times via PTI)

Cricket is a passion and not many people understand the game in the same way. Indian skipper Virat Kohli presented Wisden executive editor R Kaushik an Indian jersey signed by all the members of the Indian team for covering the game for more than two decades.

The ongoing second Test match between Sri Lanka and India will be Kaushik’s hundred Test match as a reporter. It was a wonderful gesture that was shown by India’s captain Virat Kohli to the reporter for doing a fine job in cricket journalism.

Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli (Photo Source: Hindustan Times via PTI)

Great gesture by the Indian team

R Kaushik has done a commendable job in the field of journalism and it was nice to see the Indian team greeting him. Kaushik now has a long career and has been covering the game since 1994. It is the passion and the love for the game that has kept him going.

Kohli spoke about Kaushik’s knowledge of the game, how well he understands the game, his focus on the game and how the Indian team has always enjoyed answering to his questions as he doesn’t look for any masala.

Kohli praised Kaushik for his contribution to the field of journalism. Kaushik has covered all the World Cup since 1996 and he has also covered four of the six T20 World Cups. He has been doing a great job in the field. Kaushik has always believed that a journalist should always report on news rather than make the news.

Kohli said in the press conference, “It is a great achievement and I think you are one of those who truly understands the game, not looking for any masala, and I am really happy to present this Indian jersey to you and I hope you continue with your good work.”

Here is the video of Kohli presenting R Kaushik with the Indian jersey

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