Watch craziest celebrations in history of cricket

Picture Source: www.ibtimes.co.in

Celebrating a victory is something which is common in every individual and it is a good thing to do which makes the person go strong in their daily day to day life.

Picture Source: www.ibtimes.co.in

In the same manner players in various sports celebrate their things quite often when they achieve a landmark or anything which helps the team for victory.

Well, coming to the game of cricket, it has few players who are very expressive and always celebrate their things which help their team for the Victory but in few case, few players go hard at the opposition and celebrate in a weird manner which is funny to watch for the spectators and awkward sometimes.

Though few celebrations seem to be wild but they are the things which fans always love to see on the field which exhibits the passion on the game for the players. Here in this Video, few players let out their emotions which are quite funny. Have a look –

Credits – I Love Cricket.

Written by Prashi Relangi

Cricket is my passion and scripting articles on it is my profession. I just love what I do.

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