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Will new MCC recommendations revolutionize cricket?

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In a move that could well revolutionise the game of cricket, the Marlybourne Cricket Club (MCC) has come up with new recommendations that aim to strike a balance between bat and ball and make cricket matches a fair contest.

Picture Source: Getty
Picture Source: Getty

The MCC’s World Cricket Committee has introduced a red card, imposed restrictions on the size of bats, changed the law relating to catches after hitting fielder’s external gear. MCC have also come up with a recommendation of urging ICC to work towards Test Championship and cricket be introduced in Olympics.

Like football, Cricket will now see a red card being issued to a player threatening an umpire, physically assaulting another player, umpire, official or spectator or for any other act of violence on the field of play. However, the issuance of such a red card will be done in only extreme cases.

“We discussed the yellow card (temporary) suspension too but then decided against it. The red card is for most extreme cases only,”

Talking about restrictions on the size of bats, 60 percent of cricketers were happy to limit the size of bats to 40 mm on edges and 67 mm for depths, including 7 mm for curvature. “We want to limit the edges to 38-42 mm. Some of the players have edges in excess of 50mm. We are happy with what we have come up which will restore the balance between the bat and the ball. We have seen top-edges and leading edges going for sixes. Even with the limit in bat size big hitters can still clear the ropes,” said Ponting.

Earlier the law relating to catch taken after ball striking fielder’s helmet or external gear stated that the ball will be dead after striking fielder’s external gear and catch taken will be declared not out. Now, the law states that in such instance, the batsman can be given out.

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